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First handgun recommendations for a college student living off campus?

I’m a soon to be 21 year old college junior living in an apartment near my university. As per usual for newbies, I’m looking for a multi purpose (CC, HD, range) first handgun. My experience with firearms is limited to firing a .22 rifle and .22 revolver. Even though I’m in a very gun friendly state (no license needed to carry concealed or open), I come from a family of Democrats, my grandfather being the only gun owner in the family.

Anyway, I’ll probably go to a range to try out a few, but I’ll assume most of you will mention Glocks or some kind of revolver. Despite my limited experience, I’ve done my homework online and know more than the typical newcomer about the mechanics and such.

Regardless, I have a couple of questions.

1.) it’s my understanding that revolvers can sustain neglect very well and fire regardless of how it was cared for. Though I plan on cleaning my gun whenever I’m done shooting it, how well does your typical modern day semi-auto deal with not being shot or cleaned regularly? Being a university student, I’m not exactly gonna be able to shoot every week. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to, but I want to rest assured that it’ll work when I need it to.

2.) I’m familiar with the whole concept of limp wristing. Don’t hold the pistol properly and it jams. But this raises a question. If you’re in a close up confrontation with someone and you’re under stress, adrenaline pumping with a possibly shaky hand, perhaps just barely able to draw, would there be any issues with firing, or are most modern autos immune to this issue?
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