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Sharp Shoot R Wipe-Out No-Lead, tested

So I have been having lead buildup in a couple guns and have been trying a few dedicated lead removal products to try and make cleaning a little easier.

so I bought NO-Lead to try, ran into an issue while reading the instructions.

Instructions for the use of "NO-LEAD". This product is only used in conjunction with "WIPE-OUT" or "PATCH-OUT". We won't warranty the use of "NO-LEAD" with any other product.

1. Clean the firearm with "NO-LEAD" first then final clean with "WIPE-OUT" to remove any dissolved residue left behind.

2. Apply Liberally to the bore area where lead has accumulated. DO NOT let "NO-LEAD" work for any longer than 20minutes. Then REMOVE the dissolved lead with a patch soaked with "WIPE-OUT" or "PATCH-OUT"

3. Re-apply "NO-LEAD" to any remaining lead residue.

Brushing is not necessary. "NO-LEAD" should be applied to all areas of the firearm where lead has built up. Do not let it set longer than 20min.
Well I have never tried wipe-out or patch-out, and im not sure if I will buy any.

So here is what I did.

Initial cleaning: I cleaned the cylinders with slip 2000 carbon killer, which is supposed to remove lead as well as carbon. I follow the directions, scrubbed each cylinder with a brush, ran some patches through, then let it sit for about 10min. Then ran some dry patches to leave it clean and dry for the no-lead. It was clean except for the lead rings.

NO-LEAD: I opened the no lead, stinky stuff. soaked a patch, and swabbed each cylinder several times and let it sit for 10min. came back, dried it out, no change. I tried it again, swabbed, let it sit 20min, still no change. they I ran dry patches to clean out the no-lead.

Follow up: I then cleaned with slip 2000 carbon killer again. Scrubbed the cylinders, ran patches, let it soak. Wiped it out with dry patches.

I don't want to be too hard on no-lead, especially as I did not have the specified products to follow it up with. but I struggle to see how that could make a significant difference. And in all fairness I have yet to find a good cleaning product for lead removal.

This pic is AFTER the cleaning process described, which included 2 applications of the no-lead product.

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