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stinkeypete, I need to get into the current century and get used to red dots, even if they are smeared or weird.

Tried to buy an manual transmission car lately?

There is no market for simple fixed power scopes and if I had any sense, I'd buy the 2.5X Leupold and probably also the Swift 4X, and call them investments. In a while they will not be offered new at any price. My wife was looking on ebay for vintage computer stuff, and the junk we donated or sold for pennies years ago commands big bucks now.

Old eyes are better than no eves, and irons work with the right eyeglasses. I avoid gunfights on the street because no assailant will be accommodating enough to wait until I change into my shooting glasses. JK.

My wife is up in arms because the possums are after her garden. She says she feels like Elmer Fudd - who hated "that waskcally wabbit" - and wants to sit out over night to bushwhack possums. I offered her a .22 rifle (an ancient Remington Nylon 12 bolt action, scoped) but she wants something that makes more noise; the Timberwolf would be perfect.
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