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Thank you! You have all given me something to think about.

The Leupold FX-1 4x fits the bill but retail is $300. Am aware of Burris and their good name. and their 3-9x retails for about $160 but is larger and heavier.

I need to consider what this scope is actually supposed to do. The Timberwolf is not unusable with the irons, it is just that I can't shoot it very well with the front sight out of focus, and I thought, "Gee, if I could put a 4X scope on this just like the Leupold on the AR carbine, that would be perfect." But maybe 'perfect' is not necessary; maybe a fiber optic blade would work and not add any weight.

stinkeypete, it is good to read that someone here actually had a Swift scope and thought it was good. People here know more than I do so I value their opinions, that's why I asked about the two 4X scopes I found that were not 'the cheapest' - although they were cheap enough I wanted some feedback from someone who had used one.

langenc, Swift is apparently still in business and still sells that scope. This reminds me though, of an old friend who swore by Leupold scopes, then suddenly decided his new Nikon was the cat's meow and he was done with Leupold - then Nikon got out of the scope business. No telling what tomorrow might bring.

I think my problem is called "Retail Therapy" - that notion that "If I only buy one of these doodads, it will fix my Life" - and I need to analyze what role the Timberwolf has and what sight would work well in that role.

Anyway thanks and if/when I figure out how to proceed, I'll close the loop.
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