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Originally Posted by BobCat45 View Post
Not stupid at all. Several friends have Simmons and Bushnell scopes on their deer rifles and swear by them.

I always thought, those scopes are 10-20 years old, they may have been inexpensive but in those days they were probably pretty well made; but modern production is probably cheap in every sense of the word.

Maybe I'm just being a snob, or complaining that "they don't make 'em like they used to in the old days". So - maybe worth a try.
It is not being a snob. It is true!! Cheap plastic caps have replaced the formed metal caps covering the adjustment knobs. Cheap plastic and rubber coated bits replaced the end caps and the power rings. It makes me sick sometimes.

You know who else to look at?? Burris!! I have a pistol scope by them with long eye relief, that I have put on a scout rifle. It is adjustable power, but I leave it on 4x. Snaps to target and keeps the target clear and bright at all times.

They have a wonderful warranty and service department. The only questions they ask are what you have and what your shipping address is for the return/replacement.
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