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Fixed 4-power scope options

Been looking for a simple fixed 4X scope and trying to stay away from brands that are reputedly cheap and not reliable (e.g. Simmons).

I have one old Leupold M8 4X that is about perfect for my use but those are discontinued.

Found two scopes that might fill the bill, a Swift and a Hawke.

Swift is https://swift-sport-optics.myshopify...e-model-sr668m

Hawke is

Both are inexpensive and that worries me.

I'm normally quite cheap but in this case willing to spend what it takes to get a reliable scope. In other words I'm afraid these are too cheap to be any good.

Does anyone have any actual experience with either of these brands?

Does anyone have any other suggestions for a simple, fixed low-power (not wedded to 4X) scope that might last a while?

Thanks in advance for your comments.
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