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I agree the 308 will do very well for any big game hunt in the USA.
I don't remember the name of Arctic community that deals with polar bear migration,but my understanding is the rangers who have to occasionally shoot
a polar bear(supposedly) use a .308.

As with Karamojo Bell,if you know the anatomy well enough,you are not shooting at an "elephant" or a "bear". You are shooting at a grapefruit or cantelope size target at maybe 25 to 50 yards. The trick s to be able to envision the anatomy beneath the hide, and to be cool enough to relax and hit that grapefruit.

And,no doubt it becomes different if the big,dangerous critter is in melee mode.

Everything is moving.A 375 H+H does have a place.

Typically ,the Hunter gets to choose the shot,or let it go. The .308 is just fine. It helps that its not a difficult round to shoot well.

Shot placement suffers with the eyes flinched closed. A well placed 308,or 7x57,or any number of moderate cartridges will outperform a bigger gun where the shooter squints.face drops,clamps the jaws and yanks the trigger.
Better they see the heart beating beneath the ribs with the crosshairs on it as the rifle recoils.

Really good bullets can be had today. Along with shooter skill and a proper bullet, range limitation,IMO, is the range the bullet is still traveling approx 2000 fps,or whatever the bulletmaker specifies.

We like having choices and favorites.

Pick one. It does not much matter. Most of the WW1 and WW2 battle rifle cartridges,and their descendants will do just fine.
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