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Congratulations! It's no secret that I'm partial to Rugers, and I love my Ruger .22s, but I do think you've made an excellent choice.

I'm going to join The Silencer Chorus. I just got my first suppressor last month, a Dead Air Mask, and one of my hosts is a Mark IV 22/45 Lite. It is insanely fun to shoot. I'm a plinker at heart, and an afternoon shooting suppressed .22, without having to worry about my hearing, is about as good a day as I could hope for.

Originally Posted by Theohazard View Post
. . . .If you want a second opinion on the Dead Air Mask, ask the TFL and THR moderator Spats McGee; I helped him settle on the Mask a while back when he was looking for a .22 can. He finally took possession of it recently and he seems to be very happy with it also.
I will absolutely back all of this up. I don't have any significant experience with any other suppressors, but I do love my DAM.
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