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Got a new Ruger Mark IV Tactical 22/45 -- love it so far!

I finally settled on the 22/45 (just really, really love the 1911 style grip) and the Tactical model (threaded, with rails already attached, but not so lightweight as the Lite model). And a good price, just over $350 from Bud's.

Within minutes, I had a Vortex Viper sight clamped down on top and zeroed in, and I was off the races. I love everything about this gun! Somehow it seems so much more like an ordinary handgun than a dedicated .22 target pistol.

What are some recommended upgrades? My first moves might be a fiber optic front sight (I will shoot both irons and red dot depending on the day) and a compensator, if the latter really makes much of a difference on recoil.

I don't find the trigger offensive, although it's a bit heavy for what I'd consider a target style gun. I'm not sure I want to drop it to a 1.5 lb custom trigger like I see are so popular on these guns.

What guidance do y'all have?
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