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Originally Posted by Drm50 View Post
I have had several FN Browning HPs and like amount of clones. The only ones that came close were some under Mauser than were made in Germany after WW2. I have a keeper that is glass smooth. Once Brn started farming out to Portugal they weren't the same quality gun. They were assembled not fitted as they were at FN. Some of the clones are not
bad when compared to the Portugese models but not near as slick as the originals from FN.
I've haven't had a Turkish HP yet but if they are like 1911s from there they have a lot to be
desired with internal polishing of frame and slide.
@Drm50 And when did they start farming that work out to Portugal? I am interested to know at what date the quality of the FN guns dropped so I know which ones to buy. Also please enlighten me to which Hi Powers Browning manufactured because as I understand it Browning never produced a Hi Power. EVER
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