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5 year renewal is a direct result of the binghamton shooter who had
a valid ny state license to carry.....except he had gone to california for
a while and the license should have been voided since he wasnt a
resident of the state

problem is that the 5 year renewal will create a bureaucratic boondoogle
that will basically slow the process to a complete halt

there arent enough clerks to keep up with what is going on now with
all the new applications lately.....add to that the fact that the system
would require dmv type set up with buildings, more clerks, a chat with
a sheriff, judge and probably a shrink to make sure you are still "all there"

in my county there are more than 7000 permits, which would come to
about 1200 a year to renew, which would come to about 100 a month

imagine that mess????!!!! and there are counties that have 70,000
permits in them!!!!

the clerk in my county (who is the only one who does this stuff...when
she is out, there is no one to cover her) said she would quit if they
went to 5 year renewals....not good

it passed the assembly a couple days goes to the senate
where the democrats are in the majority 32 to 30....hopefully some
will not go for it it wont happen this year....but might in the
next few....

if you are in ny state, contact your state senator and express your
opinion....these guys know that there are lots of gun owners
(democrats too) who vote and their re-election is on the line...

join nyspra scope and the nra too....

the politicians are chipping away little by's only a matter
of time....if we let them.....
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