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marlin 39

The actual writing on the barrel says the Marlin firearms company model 39
New Haven Connecticut USA 22 S. L . & LR with an arrow after that. And I did mean to say walnut I just couldn't tlhink of the name of the wood on the stock and barrel. And as I said it does have probably 18 or so round under Barrel feed tube. And also the buttplate you were talking about. As far as the shooting round, all the reading I've done so far states the same, don't use the new fast high-speed ammuntion, I have never shot it or put a bullet in it yet. So no worries there.. I've very much appreciate all the information. my original results it was made between 1922-1926 then another search said it was 1883. Any other info is all appreciated.. Values I have read have put it anywhere from 1250 to 2450.
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