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I also am interested in a scope mount for an M1.

Is this some sort of "clamp on" mount or does it require some gunsmithing??

Does it mar the surface of the receiver in any way??

Who makes it and where can I find one??

How precice is it??

I don't need it to be that precise as far as returning to the same zero after being taken off & re-mounted, but wanted to know if it seemed to be solid enough that it didn't move between shots.

The only reason I'd want my M1 scoped is for a bit more precise group testing in my load developement. My aging eyes sometimes make it questionable as to the groups I'm getting. If I had a way to get a really good accurate load for the particular rifle I'm using, then if things are not up to par on any particular match or practice session, then I know the problem lies somewhere other than the accuracy of the ammo.......

Thanks for any info..

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