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I had the modern Taurus 44 special... are they the Model 445 or something like that? It was okay. I think it had an aluminum frame. It went bang every time. The trigger was mediocre. I traded it eventually.

My Taurus revolvers from the mid 80's until the early 90's have been very good. I think the 431 might be from somewhere in there. I think there was a blue version and a stainless version. Maybe the other one was a 441? Some of my older Taurus revolvers have excellent triggers.

I sometimes carry my CA Bulldog. It has a shrouded hammer, so it's snagproof. It's surprisingly light. It has the "toylike" CA trigger, which feels a little odd but is smooth enough. It's given me zero problems and I like the large caliber. I believe you can also get them DAO.

I got a 45acp "Pitbull" used at the LGS. I think the original owner dumped it on them knowing it had problems. It locked up tight on me after two cylinders. The factory fixed it quickly and for free. I think they are only available as DA/SA. The little clip things that hold the rounds in are clever, though they make reloading a little slower.

I own, have owned, and have shot plenty of other big-bore carry revolvers. The CA Bulldog with a DAO or shrouded hammer is my choice. It's a little larger than a j-frame and lightweight. It's easy to carry.

My Bulldog and Pitbull have some recoil, but it doesn't bother me at all. I would call it moderate. Tiny 380's and 357 snubs are much harder on my hands.
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