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One other piece of information:

Before, I carried a 4-1/4" S&W69 (L-Frame 5-shot .44mag). I liked it, but the cylinder-stop would often be inertially pulled down by the recoil with full-spec loads. That would unlock the cylinder, and result in cylinder rotation during the recoil, which would sometimes result in the next live round being skipped. I've never heard of anyone else having this problem, so it may not happen with the more rigid grips and shooting styles that most people use. My very relaxed grip and shooting style probably makes the inertial unlocking of the cylinder-stop more likely, especially with full-spec ammo like the Underwoods that I exclusively shoot.

Because of the above problem, I bought my 5" 629 N-Frame. It is quite a bit heavier than my model 69, and that apparently is why it doesn't suffer from the cylinder-stop inertial pull-down problem. I wasn't sure I could comfortably carry the 629, but I tried it and was pleasantly surprised. It's been my carry gun for about a year now, and I expect it's going to get the job from here on out.
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