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Born2climb. Nice shooting house. Mine's not nearly so solid, but it suits me fine.

Originally Posted by BigD_in_FL
If your goal is just to shoot some deer, then have at it; but if your goal is to fully appreciate the hunting aspect, the battle of wits and skills, then IMO, you have to go after them critters, not bait them into coming to you.
Well, it 's perfectly legal, and here in the forested East, (or in my case, swampy Louisiana), we don't have thousands of acres of gummint land to wander about. I have two hunting spots, one 80 acres and one 8 acres. If I push the deer they simply cross the boundary and legally, they're gone. Sometimes it's simply a matter of what works in a given location and what doesn't work. For us, stalking doesn't work, it simply pushes the deer into another area.

There was a time in my youth, where lots of land was available for public use. Timber company property, especially in north Louisiana, covered about half of the available land, and I did a lot of stump-sitting, walking the drainages, covering hundreds of acres in a day. Then, the timber companies decided that they could lease the land for a nominal fee to hunting clubs. Those clubs leased the timber lands and closed areas for their exclusive use. Like many of the guys I grew up with, I joined a club.

As much as I'd like to scout huge areas, here in the heavily forested areas, they've adopted a new term for that kind of hunting. We call it trespassing.
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