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Originally Posted by gonzogeezer View Post
No. The aperture is .050”. I can fit a large paper clip through the hole that I measured to be .044. And my front sight post is at least .100”, hard to get the jaws of the caliper between the protective ears.

The mount for the aperture is 7/32” (0.218”), the diameter of the aperture shank.

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0.05" is not too small for a peep sight aperture. 0.1" could be a bit too big, although it let more light through.

You can try eBay. There used to be a guy making discs for different peep sights. Price is quite reasonable. There you can specify the hole size. Another option is to 3D print a bunch of disc "blanks" and drill the hole yourself. Certainly you can consider drilling the hole in the existing disc bigger. A set of numbered drill bits offers several steps between 0.05" to 0.1".


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