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Here is picture of our 416 HSM case sectioned next to original BMG case on the right sectioned, to show that we still have enough thickness in the sides to handle high pressure, in a case with 310 gr capacity...

We are getting the wildcatting work set up so we can do couple hundred a month.

We still have thousands of 585s, 375HEs, 416 HEs, 408 HEs,,Ed

Bryan Litz just recently shot 3 shot group at 2 miles using Paul Phillips heavy barreled, target rifle built by Lethal Precision in 375 Lethal Mag(585HE necked down, very similiar to 375HE )... It grouped 17.5 inches tall by 22 inches wide.

I understand that there was 2-3 times as many guys wanting to try the 2 mile shoot at Whittington than there was openings for. So check out Tonopah, NV 2-Mile Match Aug 24 - 26, 2017

Dates are August 24 to 26 (site zeros on the 23rd)

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