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Manson has 416 HE and 408 HE prints, as well as 375 HEHe can also make you a resize die reamer from that info.We got 700 cases in 416 and one more pass if 408s wanted, , Going to do more cases for these 2 sizes,

PM or email. ph 989-644-5228.. Here are specs for 416 HE .Length 3.32", belt diameter ,655", base dia .635" , length base to
shoulder 2.860" , 30 deg shoulder.

Our 416 HSM will have about 25gr more capacity than regular 50bmg, and as for actions if you add up the fat bolt non-bmg actions, with .750"- .800" bolts, there are about a dozen, some priced pretty reasonable.

Here is picture of 416 HSM fireformed once, next to bmg case we make it from and as we improve wildcatting process next few weeks some specs may make small changes, now from base to shoulder is 3.45", case 3.97" long. Ed.

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