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They set guns up so recoil is low so no eye damage from recoil.

Cost, figuring in the case about 2 bucks a round cases loaded
many times depending on pressures.

We are just getting started, tested 300 gr flat base so far, with
200gr ball,will test for speed in increasing weights , up to 400 gr;
Got the 300 gr way over 3800 with longer freebore than what guys
are doing with CEBs, Allows more powder. less pressure problems,
Here is pic of extra old barrel we use checking a dozen freebore fits,
using throater to ream freebore in stages, The bullet being checked in barrel
is 400 gr, and case behind on desk has same and its overall length is 4.05",
and we can get 185gr ball powder under it in the case.

Here are case measurements.

Those 600 cases behind being necked to 375 HE, just need deburring
and 2 passes and they are done.Ed
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