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Level I Trauma Center
Provides comprehensive trauma care, serves as a regional resource, and provides leadership in education, research, and system planning.
A level I center is required to have immediate availability of trauma surgeons, anesthesiologists, physician specialists, nurses, and resuscitation equipment. American College of Surgeons' volume performance criteria further stipulate that level I centers treat 1200 admissions a year or 240 major trauma patients per year or an average of 35 major trauma patients per surgeon.

Story about level 1 trauma centers...mass shooting in Las Vegas

Total Nationally Certified EMS Personnel In US
BLS...EMR – 11,430.....EMT – 247,679.......................Total BLS – 259,109
ALS...AEMT – 15,604....Paramedic - 101,174..............Total ALS – 116,778
Total all levels...375,887
Population of US....327.2 million

The actual math confirms my point. At this time, there are a total of 375,887 EMS personnel and a population of 327.2 million. It gets even worse if you take the number of ALS personnel, the minimum training level needed for a victim who needs level 1 trauma care to still have a chance of arriving at that trauma center in a viable condition. If you take the number of paramedics alone, which gives you the absolute best chance of survival, your chances become extremely bleak indeed!
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