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Last I checked there are approximately 200 Level 1 Trauma centers in the United States.
I was at my local hospital yesterday (wife is getting wound care for a leg injury -and healing well, thanks) so I spoke with the wound care specialists about Level 1 trauma care.

They told me that, yes, level 1 care is what you get at a level 1 facility. And that there is one (1) O-N-E, one level 1 facility in our STATE! (and, its about 250 miles away from where we were)

One nurse told me the sad story of a patient brought in who had "the kind of stroke where you need neurosurgery immediately, or you die". They didn't have a neurosurgeon there, the patient died.

Apparently to be a Level I Trauma center it must have ALL the possibly needed specialists, on staff and on site, 24/7. Not on call.

The next time you hear anyone talking about how "they would have lived had Level I trauma care been available", I suggest you check and see just how "available" it is to YOU, and those places you regularly go.

there are some good hospitals near where I live, and a fair one local to me, but the only Level I Trauma Center in my state is a 90+ minute med-evac chopper flight away. Think about that, and where you live.
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