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MLeake good points but more often they are extremely vocal but do the part anyways. A prime example is Sigourney Weaver(not sure if she is on list but she is a heavy hitter anti). She was very upset about "Aliens" and the movies having so many guns but of course reaps the benefits. On your line of thinking and realizing that acting is their profession and the way they care for their families: she did pull a lee marvin and for the thrid installment of the franchise demanded no guns. That is why the movie was on a penal colony planet where there were no weapons due to them being condemned, sentenced felons. She wanted to be tough in the 2nd movie (1986 "Aliens"), but it was more important to land a huge contract and money raise after the success of 1979 "Alien". Anyways, I saw a movie special/documentary on the franchise and got that info...I also saw it in an online article(I like sci fi movies). the producers were Not happy....good thing she didn't get her way in the 2nd one because that movie knocked the ball out of the park and made the movies a franchise instead of one sequel only....
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