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If only one 22LR pistol, then Ruger 22/45 (5.5 bull or fluted barrel) with wood panel grips and adjustable sights over the Browning Buckmark and Ruger MKII/MKIII because:
1. Good price for good quality pistol - approx $300.
2. Expect same accuracy and reliability as MKII/MKIII pistols and buckmarks.
3. Better grip angle than MKII/MKIII.
4. Probably more durable than Browning Buckmark.
5. Good trigger out of the box based on two pistols I have tried recently. I would likely replace the trigger with a Marvel or Clark for better trigger feel.
Just to give more info on what influence my choice for 22/45.
Browning Buckmark -----------
1. Trigger on some models have a lot of creep and over-travel.
2. ejector loosen - both my 7inch Bullseye model have wobbly ejector wires. It has been approx 4000 rounds for the two pistols since I have noticed it and no failures, yet.
3. screws loosen - sight rail screws have lossened on both pistols including the barrel screws. On pistol A, I used loctite and fixed the issue for a long time but the rear sight screw head broke off several thousands of rounds after (problem fixed by browning for free). On pistol B, no loctite, screws continue to loosen. No more loctite to allow screws to loosen instead of breaking off the head.
4. Both Bullseye model are very accurate and reliable even with bulk HV ammo.
5. the 7 inch bull barrel feels a little front heavy sometimes.
6. Had a hunter model. Trigger has creep and a lot of over travel - did the sear spring flip which improve the trigger pull weight. Later replaced the 7 inch barrel with a 4 inch slabside. Now the pistol is owned by my GFs grandmother
Ruger MKII -------------
1. 5.5 inch bull barrel has better balance than 7 inch slabside.
2. Accuracy is as good as Buckmark.
3. Reliability is as good as the Buckmark.
4. Gets dirtier faster than the Buckmark. Trigger becomes gritty.
5. Easy to fix when frame/barrel fit loosens (just use C-clamp to tighten the frame). I have done this twice on my 5.5 inch pistol.
6. Grip angle too steep (only because I shoot other pistols with 1911 grip angle).
7. In my case, Replaced stock grip with wood finger groove to compensate for grip angle, Replaced trigger with Clark and Marvel for better feel and reduce over travel. Replaced stock sear with VQ sear to reduce trigger pull weight and work hammer to reduce creep.
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