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My stainless 5.5 inch bull barrel 22/45 has had zero malfunctions for several thousand rounds. A big part of that,-being due to proper upkeeping and the ammo I choose to shoot through it. I've over 9k of ammo through it and I plan to try for 100k

Accuracy is great: I can attain 5 shot groups of under and inch at 25 yards rested n scoped.

Functioning and reliability have been unexpectedly flawless after breaking in.

I've heard good things about the BuckMark and have shot several. 2 things I noticed out of the box that was better than the Ruger, was that the trigger was a bit more crisp on the buckmark. The buckmark also has better ergonomically fitting grips

I still prefer my Ruger with all the upgradeable options and "functioning reliability", but The BM would be my second choice.

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