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I have several .22LR pistols.
1. Browning Buckmark 7" Bull Fluted(2)
2. Ruger MKII - 5" Bull and 7 inch slabside(2)
3. S&W 41 5" inch heavy barrel (1)
All are good pistols.

Ruger MK is built to last.
I shoot the Buckmark slightly better than the Ruger but this may just be a consequence of the trigger.
S&W 41 is very nice but I would buy 2 buckmarks or rugers before I get another S&W41.
Recently, browning fix a broken rear sight rail screw for free (I had to pay shipping only).
Of the ones I have, I use the Buckmark the most.
If I were to get another .22, It would be a 22/45 with the wood grips.
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