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1949 may well have been the end of the rework at Kragujevac ("Enterprise 44")....due to M48 series production (which actually didn't begin until 1950, by the way, according to some sources). But, it was NOT the end of 24/47 conversions at other facilities. Over 300,000 24/47's were eventually produced (yes, right up to 1957)....not just roughly 120,000, as your post suggests. There were a number of smaller shops scattered about Serbia doing this kind of refurb/ repair/ conversion work.....even one supposed to be in Bosnia- Hercegovina though I've never been able to ascertain exactly where).

Bogdanovich's book is murky about this and a number of other details.

As to the exact beginning date of 24/47 reworks, I concede. I was really just trying to make the point that the "47" in 24/47.....just like the "48" in M48, does NOT mean the rifle was made in 1947, or 1948, respectively. This is a very common misconception - which I frequently find myself correcting. Nevertheless, I should have verified the information before trying to quote it from memory.

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