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The Yugoslavs used the predecessor to the 24/47 (the 24/47 didn't exist yet).....the M1924..... to fight the Germans after they invaded in 1941. The 24/47 was an "updated" M1924. The exact configuration of the 24/47 was adopted in 1947 - but the rifles were NOT converted in 1947. The actual reworking of the rifles occurred from 1948 to roughly 1957. By 1957, the Yugoslavs had adopted the SKS as their standard battle rifle, so most of the 24/47's were stored as war reserve weapons. Some were still used though, to equip non front-line troops....and right up into the early 1960's, as training rifles.

It is quite possible that SOME parts of a given 24/47 were "used in WWII" (as parts of an already existing M1924).....but NOT the complete rifle. There is NO way to know for sure. During the rework, parts from the M1924 rifles which were serviceable WERE reused....... receivers, bolt bodies, cocking pieces, triggers, stocks and stock parts, sights, etc. The vast majority of the barrels were replaced. As the rifles actually used in the war obviously would have much more wear and tear, in most cases fewer parts from those would have been reused.

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