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Unbelievable. So we have more to come as the layers of the onion get peeled away. Are we ever really going to find out how high this went?
Sorry, folks, but it is believable. No matter how ugly this turns out to be, it's credible. Why do I say that? Because it shouldn't be news to any of us who take the right to keep and bear arms seriously some of the people who "enforce" the law are criminals.

How soon all the facts come to light is an unknown; that saidâ„¢, however, history isn't over. It may take 50 years for the truth to be made known. It could take 100 years. There's no predicting that, but history most emphatically has not ended.

The only two surprises I see thus far are:
  1. Anyone in the Department of "Justice" could have been dumb enough to approve any of these shenanigans.
  2. Anyone in the Department of "Justice" could have been dumb enough to suppose there's a way out of suffering the consequences of such idiotic shenanigans' failure to produce the desired result.
No tyrant should ever be allowed to die of natural causes.
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