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Math 'R Us....

Turret clearance is .125". This is the allowable space between the top of the base (with this particular ring height) and the lowest part of the scope... at the turrets. Turret blocks can be a bit thick an can sometimes extend beyond the diameter of the scope main tube.... so the .125" is what you have to work with.

Sorry... I forgot to divide one value. OK... I think I've got all the numbers right now. It's not like you don't have to think about this a little bit ya' know.

Follow this:
[/I]Your objective bell is 1.860". 1/2 of that is .930". (1.860/2= 930).
You have a stated value of .774" from the scope dovetail base to the base circumference of the ring... plus .500" to the centerline of the 1" scope ring. That's 1.274". (774+500= 1.274)
1.274" divided by 2 is .637" (1.274/2=637) This is where I screw'd up.

The vertical clearance between the two horizontal points, which are the objective bell and the top of the rifle dovetail, is .930" minus the .637"... which is .293". (930-637=293)

You say the barrel is about .150" lower than the top of the rifles dovetail... so, add that to the .293". That is your available clearance for the objective bell.

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