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Thanks again fellows.

So to repeat in my own words, to see if I'm learning something:
  • "Dovetail" is the term that describes the type of mount provided on the Marlin receiver.
  • Using a dovetail to Weaver adapter provides a more effective platform in that it is a more uniform base and allows the flexibility of various rings.
  • Using 1" dovetail rings is less expensive, but carries the risk of damaging the scope if the grooves are not straight. Also, it may shift with use (walking?).
  • Using something like the BKL-260 mounts is stable as bullet two, but just not as flexible.

Did I get this right?

I only paid $50 for the scope, so $30 is more in line with what I was hoping to spend on mounting. But if I did go with BKL unit, I'm confused by some of the terms used. That is "Turret Clearance" and how does it impact me?

Also, just to check: the OD of the objective barrel is 1.86", so with a 1" tube that would mean 0.43" of gap I would need between the bottom of the mount and the bottom of the ring. The BLK-260 says: Bottom of Mount to bottom of Scope Tube: 0.774”, so it looks like I'd have room to spare (especially since the dovetail sits about 0.15" above the barrel. Am I figuring this correctly? (I haven't looked yet at the spec's for the Accushot.)

Thanks again for walking me through this,
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