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Really? That is amazing. So the muzzle brakes on AR15s in 9mm with the 16 barrels do absolutely nothing because there isn't enough pressure left in them either?

Sorry, I am having trouble with your physics. If rise is caused by the movement of the heavy bolt, I don't see how movement in opposite directions (back and forth as you noted) both cause muzzle rise. The forces would offset. No doubt not being quite equal, they would not equally offset. The bolt moving forward would, no doubt, be moving with a little less force than what caused it to move backwards.

So just what is it you think that caused the heavy-ass bolt to move backwards?

Supersonic ammo can be louder than subsonic, no doubt, but compared to .223, it is still a popgun when it comes to the noise. To be honest, I don't notice that big of a difference between supersonic and subsonic ammo fired from the same unsilenced gun by me.
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