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My initial reaction is "Again? Why?" That's still good.Do "search" and read all the back threads.Its been pretty well covered.

Based on the responses,I don't accept that its "5.56 vs 7.62x51,and I don't accept its apples and oranges. The myth still gets repeated that the 45 ACP will lift a man off his feet and throw him backwards,and some believe the 7.62 x39 weapons are superior to the 5.56nweapons...though Russia and China have made changes to smaller calibers.

The 30 carbine(110 gr 30ncal at 2000 fps) bounces off frozen Chinese battle dress while the 7.62 x39 is a battle rifle powerhouse (123 gr bullet at 2350 fps)

Its all mostly heresay and emotion based BS by folks who like to argue an opiniom
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