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Originally Posted by tahunua001 View Post
I personally have never liked gwocks, but I have have heavily enjoyed the springfield lineups. you probably couldn't go wrong with either choice as both are reliable and accurate pieces, considering the size.

I have carried springfields exclusively ever since I retired my Ruger SR9c from that position about 5 years ago. I have never had a problem finding a good holster for any of them. heavily recommend tulster holsters if you like clamshell IWB holsters for that task. I have never needed an extractor or any other warranty work, and although they do not specify a lifetime warranty, the few cases I have heard of factory defects were taken care of by springfield.

given your preference for the glock 19 you would likely be more familiar and comfortable with the glock 26 out of the box, but do not believe that it is in any way, a better firearm and the springfield XD or XDM line.
the holster comming with the gun is a concealment express iwb with a claw kit

i have one of thier holsters for my g19 and like it so i prolly wont be getting another one for the xd
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