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For a bit more $$$, you can buy an aftermarket part for Glocks called the "Gadget" that allows your thumb to prevent the striker from moving rearward if the trigger is pressed inadvertently, such as when inserting into the holster. Many people I know use these on their Glocks. They aren't safeties, but rather passive mechanisms that prevent (or at least help to prevent) negligent discharges, just as an exposed hammer would.

Glock + Gadget, XD series with grip safety, and any hammer-fired gun will offer that extra measure of protection against accidental trigger presses. Most other pistols either have active measures (e.g. thumb safeties) or none at all.

"Keep yer booger hook off yer bang switch" makes for great internet memes, but even the most disciplined shooters can find themselves facing negligence.

Congrats on your XD purchase, I think you'll like it.
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