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I always found the G26 to feel odd in my hand. It felt chunkier although its measurements are very close to the XD's. I loved my XD Subcompact 9mm, although the "mushy" trigger was part of it. It's not a weakness, really, since few guns meant for self defense have awesome triggers. In this size category there's also the PPQ SC although it holds fewer rounds than its competitors at the same size, e.g. 10 in the space that a G26 would hold 12 with the extended magazine. P320 SC is also comparable and holds 12.

Unless you want the thicker gun, the P365 and now Hellcat are kinda killing it. Glock 26 capacity in Glock 43 sizes. I shoot larger guns better and thus prefer to carry them whenever I can.

Anyways, to the XD question, mine was flawless, simple to maintain and shot very well. It was the gun on which I first learned to shoot.
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