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I prefer the XD series over Glocks. I've owned/shot over a dozen of them. Zero malfunctions and all were bought used.

Compact mags were dirt cheap a few months back. Maybe still are.

Pros (vs Glock): Easier to disassemble, less expensive (also better value), cheaper mags, full mags still drop free, grip safety (if you hold it right it's a non-issue... plus how many 1911 owners you know disable theirs?)

Cons (vs Glock): Harder to sell, fewer aftermarket options, night sights are a PITA, less internet street cred (lol)

I'd take 3 XDs over 2 Glocks any day.

Maybe pony up to the XDM line. IMO far superior to Glock. I carry a XDM-45 3.8 every day.
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