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Nothing works consistently.

Some things work occasionally, some work never.

For example, one year I had some Tinks69 that looked like a deodorant stick. I have no idea if they still make that version or not. Anyway, I rubbed some of it on the side of a tree upwind of me and climbed into my stand. About 1/2 hour later a 5-point came from upwind and walked right past the tree. As soon as he was downwind of the tree he stopped, looked back, did the "lip curl" thing and turned around straight back to that tree. He was standing there literally licking bark off the tree when the arrow went through his lungs.

Another time, I had some Tinks69 in a film canister with cotton swabs. It was about 20 yards in front of me. The wind was blowing left/right. A small buck came from my right, directly on the trail where I had the canister sitting, so he was directly downwind of it, and never broke step. Didn't slow down, stop and sniff, nothing. Like it wasn't even there.
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