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Mak firing pin problem.

Just noticed this today.

Bulgarian Mak (military) bought pre-owned in excellent condition about four weeks ago. 200 rnds though it with no problems what-so-ever (all Barnaul JHP). Tonight as I was unloading the pistol I notice a very small dent in the primer of the round that had been chambered. I removed the round topped off the mag with a new round and chambered it. Dropped the safety/decockling lever, raised it, removed the mag and cycled the slide. The previously unmarked round had the same small dent.

My first thought was that the firing pin must have been making contact when the safety was engaged but after several more tests, the mark appears after the slide is racked, but before the safety is engaged and the pistol decocked.

This is my first Mak. Is this normal (I dont see how it can be)? What do you think the problem is? What can I do to fix it? Is it safe to continue chambering rounds? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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