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Why not set up 155mm howitzers and engage from across town?

As you put it, the expectation to immediatly engage, is a flawed concept. An officer with a rifle might have just forced them back into the bank to take shots from cover and execute hostages. There are numerous what-if's that could have had a worse ending.

And while I will be among the first to say that the while the vast majority of folks wearing a badge are fantastic, in many cases they already are a tool of state tyranny. By enforcing unconstitutional laws, warrantless searches and curfews ( the search for the Boston marathon bomber comes to mind again). I personally have had to make the choice between someone elses rights and my paycheck. Once you witness that ugliness, its hard to grant even more power and authority to an entity which uses them without nearly enough accountability.

Far more people are killed by over-zealous cops than cops that are killed by being out-gunned.
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