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Why don't we all just wear shock collars, that way the police can just push a button and shut down anyone they feel is a threat?

The 2nd amendment was designed to prevent a government monopoly on force, and because of a handful of nutcases we beg big brother to take care of us. I agree with the mayor, I see no reason to further militarize local police. As a former LEO, I understand the desire to have an advantage over potential adversaries. I also understand the oath sworn to uphold the law is taken once early on and quickly forgotten. In my humble opinion, your average Constable on Patrol should be an impartial mediator of the law, not the ultimate unstoppable crime fighter. There is a place for high speed, low drag operators. On patrol, in constant contact with the citizenry is not one of them.

I know I live in a fantasy world where people are responsible for their own actions and freedom has not been totally surrendered, but I do not believe that bigger, better guns stops the next Sandy Hook or LA Bank robbery.
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