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I'd want a surpressed rifle in a caliber larger than 5.56x45mm(5.56mmNATO) so the muzzle flash didn't give away my position in low light & I could hear better/yell commands without any deafness/hearing loss.
While having your pet setup would be nice, unless everyone is using the same stuff, you put yourself and your teammates at a disadvantage.

Using a unique caliber means that you cannot borrow nor loan ammo: more guns are better.

Suppressors are nice, so long as everyone is using one. The moment your buddy with the 870 or unsuppressed rifle takes a shot, your hearing is done.

I have my own pet loadouts and preferences, but use the standard, bone stock, stuff on duty, because if my partner goes down, I can use his stuff without much concern and vice-versa.
While I agree that seat belts save lives & are a practical standard for liability or risk management reasons, I would fully understand why some sworn LE or union groups would not want them.
The only reason I can think of is to cover an officer should he die in a traffic accident on duty, while not wearing a seatbelt. It's a real downer for an officer to die in a on-duty accident, then have the agency kick around the possibility of not paying his family death benefits because he wasn't wearing his seat belt (whether that would have saved him or not).
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