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As for the LE patrol vehicles, I stand by comments. They have improved brakes, engines, roll cages/safety equipment, DV camera systems, etc. The problems & lawsuits brought on by the Ford Crown Victoria line in the 1990s/2000s brought a lot of changes to modern era LE vehicles.
The Main reason for the improvements is because of high speed chases and accidents where extra protection was needed, but what your missing is that they are for use with the seatbelt and do nothing to stop a police officer from dying when going through a windshield. Which by the way kills many people in head on crashes.

Besides this is taking the thread off topic. All equipment, tools, and tactics are subject to change and that is the only thing they have in common with the OP.

Note: Most LE are trained to remove their seatbelt as they slow down before stopping to prevent it being in the way and when speeds are slower and seatbelts are ineffective.

As far as the AR15 being a good and often necessary tool to have for LE, all that Boston need is a good 1997 style LA shootout to happen and then decide whether they need them.(sarcasm) They can argue about when or how they are allowed to use them but not having them is just waiting to be behind the 8 ball before realizing they were playing pool IMO.

Seems silly to me that someone would have to think about it/ take at look at it to determine if it is necessary at some point and some way to have them. I am willing to bet he would give a different answer if he had it to do all over again.
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