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We seem to be forgetting that police officers prevail in bad situations not because they are individually well armed, but because there are many of them! 10 men with pistols will always prevail over 1 nut with a long gun. Plus, that's the strategy! When a lone police officer charges into an active shooter situation it usually doesn't end well for the officer, no matter how well he is armed.

Also, enough with all the foolish seat belt/car safety talk. Even if it was illegal, I would always wear a seat belt, you would have to be crazy not to. The numbers on traffic fatalities are clear. And what's all this talk about police cars being 'better'?! In independent tests police cars always have worse acceleration and braking distances than the base cars they are built from. The ones I've worked on around here have upgraded shocks (still barely adequate for all the added weight; rear cage, lights, wiring, etc) and I fail to see how filling the passenger cabin with sharp angular objects (gun mounts, lap top & holder, radio controls, etc) makes them safer! Sorry to be the barer of bad news, but a new Charger SRT8 of the showroom floor is not only safer, but will accelerate faster and stop quicker than its patrol car cousins.

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