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Safety features, occupational issues....

While I agree that seat belts save lives & are a practical standard for liability or risk management reasons, I would fully understand why some sworn LE or union groups would not want them.
Modern LE vehicles come with better safety equipment than most standard vehicles sold to the general public. This is due in part because LE officers drive more & are in traffic more than most citizens.
A veteran police officer(22 years) I worked with in 11/2013 told me how he's had 13 traffic accidents & totalled 4 LE vehicles in his career. Is that high? Yes. Is that unusual for working LE officer? Not really.

Another deputy I worked with in the 2000s, told me how the highway patrol changed their SOPs & regulations because troopers would exit the patrol vehicle, put on & adjust their issued headgear(hat) then be attacked by motorists.

The new policy let sworn members choose when or where they would wear the straw uniform hat while on duty. This was a officer safety issue to the troopers.
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