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New blood in the top US ranks of SIG Sauer....

SIG's US headquarters had a major hiring push about 2 years ago.
I recall posting a topic about the new employment openings on TFL, .

The new execs seemed to have reduced a lot of the SIG Sauer models & firearms that were not selling in the US market(s).
It's a smart business move to thin out the selection but someone is going to be miffed when they can no longer spend a few $$$ on their ideal SIG Sauer pistol.
You can't make every US gun buyer happy.
I prefer the newer 1913/rail pistols for carry or duty. They won't win any blue ribbons but they are functional & allow more carry options.
There are safe queens & there are guns that; "ride the river"(a old US Border Patrol expression).

SIG Sauer wants to meet the demands of the largest segment of the LE & gun buying public.

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