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Colt Officers or Glock 36 for EDC?

I've narrowed my choice down to these two guns and would appreciate your opinion.

The Colt appeals to me because I'm a Colt guy, the gun is narrow, I like it's safeties and the one I'm looking at has been totally reliable when I fired it at the range. It is a used early 90's Officers enhanced (pictures below). It has a few nicks and bumps and is in need of a thorough clean but other than that it's in great condition. I think I can pick it up for about $700.00.

The Glock appeals to me for it's simplicity of use and reliability and that it is purely functional - a tool if you will, which is perhaps what an EDC should be.

I'm kind of leaning towards the Colt at this stage but the durability and reliability of Glock is hard to ignore.

I'd appreciate your thoughts especially if you've had experience with either gun.

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