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Let me try to answer some of your questions.

No case gauge for .223

The round got stuck with the charging handle unable to move and nothing but a click when I tried to fire the round. The primer had a very faint indentation.
I couldn't try any of the other rounds since the rifle was jammed.

Dies are Lee set and I crimped in a separate step on a single stage press, just barely enough to smooth out the bell on the mouth of the cases.

Reloader 7 is the powder.

There is one small rubbed spot on the bullet, rubbing on the lands would have appeared all around the bullet I think?

My thought is that in resizing the brass I didn't quite set up the die correctly, but that would have applied to all of those rounds wouldn't it? And the first round fired perfectly, just the second one got jammed in the chamber.

I think I will take some measurements of the other rounds and see what I can find with that, especially the shoulder measurement of the cases. I will keep you posted.

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