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Originally Posted by zincwarrior
They should however. You're being tested to demonstrate competency of the laws and your ability to handle a firearm. I agree on Texas priceyness though. Frankly for that amount of bucks I'm required to pay, I want more bang for it.
Once again, there is no single answer. I have carry permits from four different states. NONE of them in any way tests competence in laws, and their interest in firearms handling is only for safety. Florida, for example, specifically states that an applicant must submit proof of firearms (not "handgun") safety training, and FL accepted my then 40-year-old DD-214 (which showed only the M14 rifle, even though I had actually qualified with a number of other weapons at various duty stations) as satisfaction of their requirement.

New Hampshire and Pennsylvania both accepted the fact I have a home state permit as proof of handgun safety competence.

Not to belabor the point unnecessarily, but where in the Second Amendment does it say anything about "... the right of the People (who pass a test) to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"? My version must be defective, because my copy doesn't mention classes as a prerequisite to exercising a right.
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