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What state has the most in depth CC course requirements

I'm only familiar with Fl and Tx,

IIRC Texas, figure out how to get an entire weekend off when you work retail, 10 hous of class (5hrs per day), 50 questions, 50 rounds at various distances and must have a min target score.

Florida- go to the gun show, sit down for an hour next to two hooters girls (in uniform) who were taking the class. Instructor was nice just extremely basic stuff. Think the test was pretty much open book and maybe 10-15 questions. Then for the shooting qual you go into a small horse trailer, pickup a umarex p99 .22, load, fire at a target 3 feet from you once.

I've got mixed feelings on it, I wouldn't want the gvt to be able to get their hands on making the course req very restrictive with the sole purpose of thwarting citizens from acquiring a license.
On the other hand I don't want it to be - muzzle=bad, unloaded=safe and that's the course.

If you could when you reply name the State you think in the title, would just be easier to see.

BTW I have a 101.8F fever and Im still TFL'ing pardon any typos
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